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The Kitten

By Clark Ness

The Kitten.

One day Jacob was outside looking at his dog. As it happens, he heard a meow, meow. “What was that?” he asked his dog. He looked at his feet and there was a little kitten. It was red. “There is a red kitten by my feet,” said Jacob. He took the kitten inside. “Mom, look at this red kitten,” said Jacob to his mother. His mother looked at the kitten. “Jacob, I think you need the magic nickel. This kitten needs to be black and not red,” said Jacob’s mother.

“OK,” said Jacob, and he put the magic nickel in his hand. “Black, black, black”. Poof! The kitten was black. “That is better,” said Jacob’s mother, and she went away. The kitten did look better. “I think you need to be bigger, too,” said Jacob to the kitten. “Meow,” said the kitten. Jacob took the magic nickel and said, “Bigger, bigger, bigger.” Poof! The kitten began to get bigger and bigger.

It got bigger and bigger. Soon it was bigger than a cat. “Stop getting bigger,” said Jacob to the kitten. The kitten did not stop. It got bigger and bigger. Soon it was bigger than Jacob’s dog. It kept getting bigger and bigger. Soon it was bigger than Jacob. Then in a wink, the kitten was as big as the room. The kitten stopped getting bigger, but Jacob was stuck by the big kitten to the wall of the room. Jacob could not think of what to do. The kitten then began to get red. In a wink, there was a red kitten as big as a room, and there was Jacob stuck to the wall of the room by this big red kitten.
Jacob could still not think of what to do so he said to the kitten, “Why are you so big and red?” The big red kitten looked at Jacob. It then said, “I am not an earth kitten. I am a kitten from space.
I can be big or I can be small.” Jacob was shocked. “Can you be small so I can get away from this wall?” “OK,” said the big red kitten. Poof! The kitten was small and red. “Thanks,” said Jacob.

The red kitten and Jacob went outside. It took him to its space ship. It was a neat space ship. “I need to go,” said the red kitten. It got into its space ship and went up into the sky. It then went

away. Jacob did not ever see a red kitten again.

May 26, 2023


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