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The Writing Component includes activities that strive to establish pupils’ writing skills from a basic level of writing in different styles for a range of purposes. The activities provide opportunities for pupils to form letters, words, phrases and sentences in legible writing through a variety of medium and text genres.

Writing is a means of communication made possible through graphics symbols, arranged according to certain conventions to form words which in turn are arranged to form sentences. The sentences are logically and grammatically connected to form a piece of writing. Specific writing activities devised during lessons will enable pupils to begin writing for a purpose as stipulated in the learning standards.

Course Curriculum

Assessment Activity
Intro: Writing – Let’s Try Unlimited
Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the words given Unlimited
Writing (Section A) 01:00:00
Intro: Writing – Let’s Practise Unlimited
Read and rearrange the phrases to complete the statements below Unlimited
Writing (Section B) 01:00:00
Intro: Writing – Let’s Challenge Unlimited
Based on the pictures, make sentences using the words given Unlimited
Writing (Section C) 01:00:00

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