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The Reading Component is designed to develop the pupils’ reading abilities in a fun and an engaging manner to promote critical thinking at various levels. The materials are presented to stimulate and enhance the interest pupils’ interests to read for learning.

Reading is the active process of understanding print, graphic texts and a thinking process. Reading skills and strategies can be taught explicitly while students are learning subject-specific content through authentic reading tasks. The learning standards for reading address basic literacy using phonics and moves on to enable pupils to become independent readers. In the beginning, PSEN phonemic awareness will be developed by means of phonics. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words. This ability to recognise letter sounds is an essential and useful early reading skill. Effective readers know that when they read, what they read is supposed to make sense.

Course Curriculum

Assessment Activity
Intro: Reading – Let’s Read Unlimited
Intro: Reading – Let’s Read (1st Page) Unlimited
Intro: Reading – Let’s Read (2nd Page) Unlimited
Reading (Section A) 01:00:00
Intro: Reading – Let’s Try Unlimited
Learn about the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Unlimited
Reading (Section B) 01:00:00
Intro: Reading – Let’s Practise Unlimited
What are the differences between these two natural disasters? Unlimited
Reading (Section C) 01:00:00
Intro: Reading – Let’s Challange Unlimited
Intro: Reading – Let’s Challange (1st Page) Unlimited
Intro: Reading – Let’s Challange (2nd Page) Unlimited
Reading (Section D) 01:00:00

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