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Offering free audio, video and text materials to learners around the world and provides multimedia English language teaching and learning materials to meet learners’ needs. The materials are delivered as full length language activities (listening and speaking, reading and writing) but each component in the activity is standalone and can be studied on its own. Learners can choose the best way to study for them; by following full length language activities or by following the individual materials most appropriate to them started with beginners, intermediate and advance activities. You can find more about eclearnings here. By exploiting a wealth of eclearnings material, it contents media-rich and focuses on presenting authentic, up-to-date, real English and friendly interface of the online learning environment needed by PSEN among Form One learners to progress in their English studies.

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  • eclearnings involves several interactions between instructional designers, developer teams and respondents, geared to identifying the needs, appropriate syllabus, structures teaching and learning methods and resources.
  • eclearnings is an interactive technology within the multimedia learning environment where it generates an effective and interesting learning concept among the young learners that integrates ICT in learning, engagement, motivation, adaptively, simulation, and collaboration.
  • eclearnings is one of the new styles of teaching and learning by means of online resources and cater to learners across various levels of proficiency in English. Eclearnings would enhance the process of teaching and learning in the classroom into something meaningful to the students. Students are engaged in the learning activities created and designed in eclearnings. The integration of music and rhythmic activities, video and online quizzes activities easily motivates and makes the learning process more meaningful.
  • eclearnings include the discussion forums via email, chat rooms, discussion boards, online assessment, [video conferencing and live lectures (video streaming)- if any] which enable learners to collaborate on projects and share information.
  • eclearnings is a useful practice for the development of higher order learning skills, active learning, learner-centered pedagogy, authentic learning and interactive learning communities that highlighted the positive impact of ICT usage on the learners’ cognitive, affective and behavioral outcomes during the teaching and learning process via online educational environment.
  • eclearnings is considered a space where discourse occurs between learners, between learners and instructors, as well as between learners and the larger Internet community.

Target and Benefits of eclearnings to the students:

English for Communication for Form One is taught as a second language in all Secondary Special Educational Integrated Programmes. The mastery of English is essential for pupils to gain access to information and knowledge written in English. In line with the government’s policy on strengthening English, the curriculum has been designed for PSEN who will be proficient in the language and it integrates Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enable them to have easy access to information to ease their learning process.

Eclearnings has been designed based on the Standard-Based English for Communication Curriculum for Special Education Secondary Schools (SBECC) and highlighted the development of literacy and critical literacy. Eclearnings also aims to equip PSEN with basic language skills to enable them to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts that are appropriate to the pupils’ level of development.

Function / purpose of eclearnings:

  • Provides a well-structured description of the subject information using an understandable language.
  • Provides learner-controls which describe the students’ ability to control the order in which they would like to perform activities.
  • Goal-orientation relates to the learning utility in terms of the learning goals set by the teacher and the curriculum.
  • Allows the student to learn the subject matter within a short but acceptable period.
  • Interactivity supported through easy and user-friendly accessibility of the subject information and task –based activities.
  • Provides multiple representation of information using various multimedia elements example text, graphics, images and
  • The materials provided contain intrinsically motivating tasks and examples.
  • Differentiation involves fitting the subject information with the characteristics of the students, taking into account their abilities. For examples, beginners, intermediate and advance
  • Provides different levels of difficulty and contain diverse assignments and tasks that tailored to the students.
  • Provides autonomy learning which means students are able to work on their own using eclearnings without being completely dependent on the teachers.
  • Students can work together to reach a common goal, giving them a sense of how problem solving can be carries out in
  • Students are able to use other learning resources in combination with eclearnings, such as textbooks.


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